“Did you know that every female baby is born with all the eggs she’ll ever produce? So the egg that became you was inside your mother, inside your grandmother… So even if you never met her, even if she died years before you were born, you lived inside your maternal grandmother, one generation inside the other, like a set of Russian nesting dolls.”

MOTHERLOGUES, Camden Fringe 2017


MOTHERLOGUES is a national verbatim show that gathers stories from women across the country on the subject of 'motherhood'; from personal relationships with mothers, to going into labour, to trying to get pregnant and failing, the argument of childless vs childfree, IVF journeys, abortion experience, miscarriage, surrogacy, endometriosis, adoption, post natal depression and the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.
The stories are endless...

We will continue to move around the U.K. gathering stories and are currently looking to the

North East so if you are a woman based in Newcastle or the surrounding area and want to join in with a group workshop ('Matriarchal Meet Up') then please sign up to our Mailing List below. If you would prefer to donate your story privately, then please email us here and we can arrange to meet up.

As a company, Forked Theatre will always tackle the issues and social assumptions faced by modern women. MOTHERLOGUES is the perfect showcase for what we stand for and brilliantly shows how motherhood is a giant fork in the road that all women struggle with.

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