Forked Theatre was originally set up by Kristina Howell, Katie-anna Whiting and Lauren Reed as a writing circle, to specifically share the different crossroads that were coming up in their lives. Spanning three decades, they found that by simply writing about what really mattered to them at the different junctures in their lives from their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, they developed a distinctly feminist voice. 


From 2017, Lauren became the Creative Producer of Forked Theatre to develop and produce female-centric theatre shows to continue to look at the choices faced by modern women. 

Lauren Reed – Lauren works as an actor and theatre producer. She attended Arts Educational Schools, London and since graduating founded Shakespeare OUT LOUD! - a free play reading group for actors.  As part of Forked, she is the mastermind behind ongoing, nationwide verbatim project MOTHERLOGUES and is currently busy producing the show for its 2019 instalment in Newcastle. In addition to producing theatre, Lauren also writes for screen - Resting: a web series can be viewed here and was produced the lovely team at Turtle Canyon Comedy.

Marie Blount  - Marie joined Forked Theatre as a cast member of the first ever MOTHERLOGUES in October 2016 and since then has been an integral part of the production, both with the material she has brought to rehearsals as well as production support (practically, logistically & emotionally!) We're very lucky to have her! 

Nick Price - Forked Theatre's Resident Male. The technical whizz behind MOTHERLOGUES, he has produced our amazing opening sequence as well as work at all our shows in the tech box! And, most importantly, he's a feminist!